Daniela Busà

Science & Technology

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Management consultant, expert in strategy and international trade on the B2B market. Specialized in the acquisition of projects, products and services of contract manufacturing and outsourcing in the field of plastics manufacturing

From contacts to contracts

Some small and medium-sized companies in the plastics processing industry have a history of 30 to 40 years. The leadership and management are in the hands of the founders, thanks to them the success and virtuous positioning of the company has been achieved, but for this same reason, they are resistant to change.

The perception of corporate success is often based on an element considered to be the main one: sales. Depending on the classification: survival mode achieved/not achieved or higher sales level compared to last year's sales.

The monitoring of industrial and production costs is often roughly estimated, so optimization and control measures are not defined by exact figures and statistics, but by the experience-based "entrepreneurial" perception.

To survive, entrepreneurs and heirs must adapt to the needs of the market and intervene in their internal and external environment.

Comprehensible, agile and practical:

My solution in three steps


I can help you operate in the outside world.  

Together we can define a structured, clear, predictable and well managed business strategy.

Step 1: Analysis of the company situation

I guide and support you in analysing your current business situation in order to extrapolate strengths and weaknesses on which you can base your new business strategy. This aims at increasing your visibility in the market and expanding your network of relationships. Furthermore, the conversion of new or existing customers into persons/companies interested in your co-design services, first samples and the production of components made of plastic or of other materials for the final end-products of your customers.

Step 2: Definition of objectives

Within the framework of a methodically designed and tailor-made workshop, I stimulate discussion among all participants: entrepreneurs, partners, employees responsible for the technical departments, production, logistics, sales and purchasing and coordinate communication to achieve and define goals that are shared by all.

Step 3: Approach to the project

  • I set up a priority list of needs and propose concrete measures.
  • I work together with heads of department. I estimate the costs, time and economic benefits of the proposed measures.
  • I define your offer by communicating or presenting it, in accordance with reality, with a company presentation that emphasizes the uniqueness and added value of the offer per identified target customer (e.g. eco-sustainability).
  • I activate my existing network in Italy and abroad, especially in the German speaking countries: Switzerland, Germany, Austria (DACH region), thanks to my language skills and my commercial experience in the international field.
  • I promote your visibility with the instruments available and selected by mutual agreement: offline tools ( word-of-mouth, fairs, events, conferences) and online tools (website, social media, mailing).
  • On request and if delegated by the company, I actively assume the role of sales manager/sales manager for the acquisition/development of new customers in Italy and abroad. From the moment of the first contact to the signing of the first supply contract.
  • I communicate effectively with the customer thanks to my knowledge of his/her mother tongue.