Rich and poor

2019-12-17 00:17:16

What you can see in this picture in this picture we can see the great example of coordination they are helping each other and support each other and I think when is feeling come in human being your society will become free from rich people and poor people all of them become happy and developed thank

True Worship

2019-12-12 00:41:39

Today I want to talk about true worship. In my view when we do your all work without thinking result of that work is true worship and other thing when you work without disturbing the rules of nature then this is also a true worship in my view true work is true worship of god thank you.


Miss understanding

2019-12-11 00:42:54

What you understood by miss understanding I think you will know what I want to say Answer of this question is not understanding the idea and view of other person is miss understanding there are are two reason because of this we not understanding the view and idea of other person thank you

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