My Mission is to create Harmony and Beauty... Spread them and reach as many people as possible... Because Harmony and Beauty heal the Soul and bring Happiness !

Hi! My name is Shaula and I’d like to tell you something about me. I have two great passions: painting and spiritual research. Painting because it is joy and colour. Spiritual research because it is inner study and connection with the energies of the Universe. I’ve been painting and drawing all over my life. 

I graduated in Architecture, and acquired two specializations: one in 'Architecture of colour', the other in Interior Design. 

And became a black sheep of architecture, because architects generally  think and plan in black and white. 

But I’ve always been attracted by my crayons, which gave Spirit and warmth to each single project. In my spare time, I loved to create objects and sculptures upcycling all the kinds of different materials. For quite a few years I’ve been working  'Informal and material painting', experimenting... experimenting... experimenting.

My Art was very physical and liberating, intimately connected to the flow of my deep emotions. Art has been a very precious  teacher both technically and inwardly.

But after a while, I realized that what I was doing no longer interested me. Too conceptual. Too much based on technical expertise. And then I stopped. And a period of profound unhappiness immediately began. I missed my artistic practice. It was awful. However, I didn't know what to do. I had only a vague desire for colour and creativity, but I could not implement it in any way.

This brings us to August 2017. It was a very hot summer... and I was sweating while studying numerical sequences. Then a sudden thought arose unexpectedly in my mind: "Mandala ... Painting mandala."

What does that mean? What have I got to do with mandalas?

And I quickly archived that wacky thought. 

The following day that funny thought  presented itself once again. 

"Painting mandalas ..." 

Once again, I immediately thought: "There is nothing further from my artistic expression than mandalas.  I’m action... free and powerful gesture... I’m wild and bold colour... I’ve nothing to do with mandalas! "

But this thought sorting persistently in my mind made me wonder. And in fact I realized that I’ve always been passionate about mandalas and mantras ... I studied sacred geometries and fractals of the yantra and mandalas. So these things were already part of my path, as much as material art experimentation. But immediately one objection arose... "There is no innovation and creativity... It is only a work of reproduction!"

But then suddenly I realized that I was stuck in the past and in a narrow identification of me that had no longer reason to exist. I no longer needed to 'be an artist'. And, at the end, really there is nothing wrong with a reproduction work, done by hand with love.

And this is the point when

I knowingly became Shaula.

Once again I began studying mandalas, yantras and sacred geometry. 

I began to reproduce some mandalas. The first ones were in black and white, then I began to colour them. I used to paint many hours a day, with pleasure and total dedication. I felt peace and joy. However, I was not completely satisfied with the results. So I began to test different techniques,  until I discovered dot painting. I applied dot painting to mandalas, searching for satisfying results.

Finally a new world opened up! I fell in love with the results of my efforts: my mandalas were full of grace and harmony and, last but not least, I recognized in them the effect I've always been looking for in any single artwork of mine. They could guide the eyes to move over and over again, passing seamless from one detail to another. My mandalas absorbed my attention, calmed down  my mind, slowed down my heartbeat. I found them full of harmony, peace, happiness, abundance, grace, balance.

And now, I couldn't paint anything but mandalas. they evoke all the love, joy and gratitude I feel. 

Mandalas spread around luck and abundance and I offer them to the world. This form of art is a continuous training towards personal stability. As a matter of fact, it requires centering, presence, a silent mind, an open heart, regular breathing, steady shoulders and hands. Because every perturbation or gasp leads into an executive error.

Shàula in Arabic means 'sting' and is the name of the triple star that marks the sting in the constellation of Scorpio. This name represents me as I am today and it also perfectly describes my journey of individuation... by dying and being reborn cyclically and periodically, I regenerate myself. Death  and rebirth are indeed the keys for understanding the secret of life. By dying to ourselves, we recognize and leave any mask that others have imposed us and we begin to accept ourselves as we are, stopping to wish to be someone or something different. And finally we begin to live a conscious life. And this is the wonderful inner journey that we are called to make. Journey in which the mandalas are compass, stick and map. A deep journey to share with joy…

Follow only what captures your Heart !