Books and more...

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Books and more...

Hello! My name is Marit.I am always full of energy, ready for new adventures in the world of healthy lifestyle, sports such as dancing and running, beauty, books and photography. In Cam.TV I share my passions.

Reading and running - 2 in 1

To save some time, i run and listen to audio-books. Here in my blog i would like to share my best reading experiences. The books, that I love, are mostly about self-development, psychology and science.

My passion for photos

I love doing interesting photos of people and also being myself a model. The outfit and makeup i do myself. So if you have some ideas and looking for a model to create something mystic or just looking for inspiration, you are welcome to follow my channel.

I've been dancing through life

Dancing has been an important part of my work and also a hobby.