BACK IN EUROPE ✈ My adventure in the Caribbean had to stop because of the current situation. Indeed, the work opportunities became too limited. But as it is always better to be positive, I can say that thanks to this return I had the chance to travel to my neighbor country, Italy, and especially to discover the beautiful city of Rome ! Italian people, you are so lucky to have so much History, masterpieces, millennium monuments... And this unique romantic vibe 🥰🏛

One of my favorite water toys : the Flyboard 🙃 Basically, your feet are attached in tight shoes on a board with a nozzle on each side, allowing the water to get expulsed and create a powerfull pressure to make you fly. The water is brought by the black hose you see, connected itslef to the back jet of the jetski. The instructor controls this pressure sent in the hose from the jetski by pressing more or less strongly the acceleration trigger. There is also the option to control the jetski with nobody on it, just with a remote (for the more experienced ones !) Then, you decide of the direction by pushing with your left or right leg, move forward by pushing on your toes, and if you are brave enough, you can even try a backflip..! The total lenght of this hose can reach 18meters (60ft). Trust me, even if you can usually go up to 15meters "only" not to be completly above the jetski, it is really impressive ! I was not high at this moment as I was trying to do a spin... Flyboard training takes time 😁

Taken on September 2018, 1 year after the terrible cat.5 hurricane Irma... The island was still kind of devastated and not so green. But surprisingly, I cannot explain the feeling I had by seeing this for the first time in February 2018. Such a intriguing paradise, with a French Side on North and a Dutch Side on South, and more than 100 different nationalities meeting on this 87km2 land lost in the ocean. People here are used to say that you will immediately feel if the island accepts you or rejects you. You cannot fight against this strong and invisible impression. More than 2 years after, I can say that St.Martin/Maarten opened its heart to me ! ❤

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