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One small step for man, one giant leap for LKSCOIN

2021-04-19 15:28:22

The development of LKSCOIN continues with deterministic Masternodes after the introduction of DIP3. And Version is now released.

By paraphrasing the famous quote by Neil Armstrong, the crucial progress in the development of LKSCOIN continues with the deterministic Masternodes after the introduction of DIP3. 

The new Version of LKSCOIN is now available. Keep reading to find out all about it!

A new look for a great project

After several months of hard work on analysis and development, the new Version of LKSCOIN is finally ready to be released. It will update not only the Masternodes and the LKSC Core Wallets, but also the blockchain as a whole, thus further improving its security.

Following the Ban of the Masternodes, in response to the attack suffered by the blockchain at the end of last year, and the consequent difficulties for the community, the developers of the LKS Foundation have worked on a new updated version, now on release.

What's new?

In order to design this new release, the critical points that emerged were analyzed and addressed and, thanks to the careful preparation of our developers, promptly resolved.

Firstly, it is necessary to point out that this new release is practically a hard-fork and that it requires the update of the greater part of the entire network in order to become actually active.

The most important of these updates is the introduction of the command epoll on systems running on Linux. This will improve the problem of the CPU overhead caused by a suboptimal use of the command select which leads to a higher usage of CPU resources and performance (up to 80% more). 
Secondly, with this update, the Masternodes will review the other Masternodes and verify that they comply with the rules of the blockchain. If this is not the case, they will assign a penalty score (the PoSE) which will make non-compliant Masternodes progressively unusable once a certain critical threshold has been reached. Compared to the previous version, this procedure in the new algorithm has been made much more stable and secure, thus eliminating the cases of "non-compliant" votes.
The most important aspect of the new release is certainly its ability to make the LKSCOIN blockchain more secure, stable and consistent and to ensure in this way that it is protected from "external turbulence".

What needs to be done?

The techs at LKS Foundation and VMS are working on the preparation of supporting guides that will contain the new script needed to carry out this important update.
This script will be summarized into the usual four commands necessary for this kind of procedures, so that the users will carry out an easy operation they are already familiar with. This will simplify the update as much as possible, even for those who are not particularly familiar with technology. 

Implementation and timing

As in previous updates, also in this case it is necessary to reach the majority of the Masternodes present on the blockchain for this procedure to be validated and activated. Therefore, as soon as the dedicated guide is available, we invite you to proceed quickly to complete the update.
This procedure must reach at least 51% of the blockchain in order to be active and protect the owners of the Masternodes.

Assistance and support

Also in this case, the assistance via Help Desk will be limited since the management of individual issues is particularly complex. Therefore, to avoid slowdowns, or worse, potentially problematic situations for your Masternodes, we invite you to contact support directly for the most serious situations
If you need support contact us by email:

[email protected]
[email protected]  **
** VMS is the only person authorized by LKS Foundation to operate on assistance offering the highest standards of quality and safety of to the users.

Future prospects

The LKS Foundation aims at developing and defining new solutions to give LKSCOIN the prominence it deserves in the vast crypto scene and important news is coming soon.
Stay tuned! Follow the official Cam.TV channel and the official Telegram chat to stay updated on all upcoming developments.

To access the LKSCOIN new release, go to the Download Area below: