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LKSCOIN vs Dash: two cryptocurrencies compared

2021-08-21 08:53:25

What are the technical characteristics that distinguish the two cryptocurrencies?

LKSCOIN is a cryptocurrency born in 2018 and conceived to have a significant impact in the digital world: it allows to track and remunerate with payments and donations users who create content and share them within the social networks.
The use of LKSCOIN has big advantages for users as it allows to track and receive compensation for the content they produce, helping authors, creators, bloggers and the most active users around the world monetizing the digital content they share online.
Social networks and digital platforms also can benefit from it as it allows the integration of a system that allows to easily manage online payments significantly reducing time and relative costs.
But what are the technical characteristics that distinguish the LKSCOIN cryptocurrency? How does it differ compared to the cryptocurrency from which it originated, the Dash?