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LKSCOIN on the front line against fake news

2021-08-27 09:07:59

A cryptocurrency with an ambitious project: to make the internet a fairer but, above all, safe place. Discover the strength of LKSCOIN against fake news

Although for several years the focus on the topic of blockchain has always been limited to a few "insiders", since 2018 this new technology has finally met the interest of an increasingly wider audience.
The blockchain, in fact, is gradually finding itself at the center of the most varied debates, ranging from the financial, medical, but also that of entertainment, art and many others, thanks to its ability to introduce new solutions to the needs of businesses and institutions.
This is because the blockchain is also able to take on some ethical issues that do not always (or, not immediately) find an easy solution in the broad panorama of digital innovation. We talk about elements such as transparency, accountability, community and decentralization.
Due to its extraordinary innovative reach, LKS Foundation is actively committed to the dissemination of the blockchain culture, involving people for a greater awareness of its value and its potential.
For some time, in fact, the Foundation has been directly involved in the LKSCOIN cryptocurrency project, which supports a secure, traceable and decentralized remuneration system for authors of digital content (already operational within the Cam.TV platform).
But the project doesn't stop there.
The will is to develop LKSCOIN by creating a Non-Fungible Token or NFT to counter fake news and protect the copyright of digital content.