LKS Foundation

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LKSCOIN: a cryptocurrency at the service of the user

2021-08-28 10:34:49

The LKSCOIN project to create the Non-Fungible Token plans to exploit the potential of the blockchain for the benefit of online users, fighting against the

The LKS Foundation intends to create a process whereby the digital content, the ownership of the content and the identity of the source are linked together and registered according to the fundamental principles of the blockchain, through a unique and irreversible transaction.
This is possible thanks to the particular type of non-fungible tokens (NFT) that make it possible to combine in a single transaction:

  • the identity of the person who is carrying out the "deposit" transaction in the blockchain of the information / content through the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure;


  • the date and time of creation of the content, as temporal proof of its existence to protect against any subsequent plagiarism;


  • the digital content itself, with the reference url of the platform on which it was originally published (example: Cam.TV);

Thanks to this process, the blockchain becomes the custodian of the unique existence of the information or, in general, of the content thus published, making it possible to uniquely and irreversibly trace the initial transaction of creation of the digital content and therefore, thanks to the KYC , to its creator.
In this way, it would be possible to solve in the first instance the delicate problem of the copyright of digital content, shared and dispersed within social networks and platforms without some protection tools for their respective authors.