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LKS Foundation & LKSCOIN: press release

2020-05-08 08:35:39

Our project continues to find echo in the media, here is a selection of the main articles.

The Currency Analytics has dedicated an in-depth article to present the LKSCOIN IEO currently on Eidoo. The crowdfunding on Eidoo Crowd has already gathered more than 350.000 Euros and will end in a few weeks, on May 27th.

In a market that is worth $153.2 billion and that foresees exponential growth in the digital content market, LKSCOIN is the very first cryptocurrency placed on the market with more than one year of continuous use within the Cam.TV platform:

>> LKSCOIN: a new IEO on the Eidoo exchange

Once again, the main focus of newspapers remains on the topic of copyright protection: a sensitive issue given the exponential growth in online content sharing in the last years.

Irish Tech News published an article dedicated to highlight that, thanks to LKSCOIN, is possible to track content within social networks and those published by users on the web in general. 

>> A new cryptocurrency to protect copyright for social media content

This token aims to have a real social impact, seeing that there are several hundred million users who earn nothing from the content they produce, nor can they protect their authorship in any way.

LKS foundation wanted to provide content creators with a tool that can help authors make sure that they are the very beneficiaries of their content, not the platforms on which they publish. In this article The Cryptonomist enforce the need to invert the current trend:

>> Copyright on social media with the LKSCOIN blockchain solution

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