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LKS Foundation & LKSCOIN: press release

2020-04-23 12:19:43

The LKSCOIN project, with its great innovative power, continues to grown and find recognition in the media. Here is a selection of the main articles.

In the last few days, newspapers have paid particular attention to the Bonus campaign made available to Cam.TV users through the "treasure hunt".

Thanks to the collaboration between our foundation and Cam.TV, this initiative was launched to increase the bonuses on the referral program for all Camers

>> LKSCOIN treasure hunt: how to get the extra bonuses

The treasure hunt thus structured was designed to compensate the reduction of Bonuses provided by Eidoo for the campaign - which decrease over time - but, above all, to reward all the Founders of Cam.TV so that they are even more motivated to spread the project.

Newspapers also focused on the LKS Foundation's goal of countering the spread of fake news on the net. A problem that is deeply felt nowadays but which finds solution through the NFT, or the Non Fungible Token:

>> LKS Creates NFT-Based System For Preventing Spread Of Fake News

>> Italian Firm Claims Its Non-Fungible Tokens Can Tackle Fake News 

Lastly, we report this article published on the magazine Cryptonomist dedicated to providing all the information to participate in the Initial Exchange Offering campaign on Eidoo:

>>How to participate in LKSCOIN IEO on Eidoo Crowd: tutorial

There is time until the end of May to buy the LKSCOIN with a 5% Bonus passing through the referral code from Cam.TV and with an additional Bonus from the Eidoo crowd platform. Be careful though that the Eidoo bonus decreases over time!

For any questions about the project, the Eidoo wallet and the token sale procedures, the Telegram channel is active: LKS COIN official chat