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Initial Exchange Offering

2020-03-30 18:47:30

All the information to participate in the IEO and receive bonuses!

To start our Initial Exchange Offering, we decided to reward those who followed us and prepared in time with a super BONUS for the purchase of LKSCOIN: 15% bonus on LKSCOIN purchased, simply by making the transaction in Eidoo Crowd by April 10th! 

Want to get the Bonus, hurry to download the Eidoo App, perform the KYC and enjoy the bonus. 

Beware that the Bonus in Eidoo decreases as time goes by, see the table to find out the brackets.

Isn't that enough? 

There is more: we have created two Referral links

The first one is:   or you can obtain it by clicking on the Banner in Cam.TV: if you click you will be directed to Eidoo Crowd and you will receive an additional 5% Bonus, which can be combined with the bonus currently in force in Eidoo.Do you want more? There is a second type of Referral code that you find in your profile on (see screenshot to find out where to find it), which you can share with your contacts, and receive an additional 5% Bonus on their LKSCOIN purchases.

If you need clarification, come to the  LKSCOIN telegram channel, our fantastic community and administrators are ready to support you in the technical steps.Be a part of the social network revolution.