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Doubts or questions? Here comes the official LKSCOIN chat

2020-05-29 07:58:40

The official live chat on Telegram is always available to help users interested in taking part in the LKSCOIN project

With the start of the campaign, the LKS Foundation has opened an official chat on Telegram:

LKSCOIN official chat

It currently hosts more than 1000 members and it is where we share news and information about the project.

The chat was created as an open meeting point between the project promoters, who are administrators, and all users interested in receiving information and updates on the matter.

Here you can ask questions about the project, talk to other users and, above all, receive support for the LKSCOIN purchase procedure within the ongoing IEO on Eidoo Crowd, the Swiss crowdfunding platform which promotes our initiative.

In fact, remember that before participating in the LKSCOIN token sale, it is necessary to carry out KYC (Know Your Customer) identity verifications of Tier 1 and 2 on EidooID. 

It is not possible to participate if you are not registered or verified.

>> Identity verification guide

Entering the chat is very simple, just click on the button below to get an invitation to participate and then select "join group":

Warning: We ask all users to always pay close attention and never disclose sensitive information and data in the chat or to people who request it by contacting them privately.

If you need assistance, contact the administrators directly first. Just click on the profile picture of one of them; under the name, at the top right, you can find the chat icon, from there you can send a private message with your questions or comments. 

We strongly recommend you read the guide below before joining the chat, it should help you avoid unpleasant surprises:

>> Anti scammer guide

Take part to the IEO