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A new push for sharing

2020-05-11 09:02:40

Interaction networks more curated and varied are promoted by the use of LKSCOIN

LKSCOIN as well as being a quickly, economic and convenient system, is also useful because it push to share quality, accurated and true contents. 

In this way it promotes to the creation of new interaction networks: more informative, safe and participated. Networks that really benefit the users who create and share content and not the platforms which host them.

The digital content market is growing at a very fast pace thanks to all to the growing demand of new users joining social networks. Still, the vast majority of users earn nothing from the content they produce and cannot protect their authorship in any way.

For this reason, the LKS Foundation has created LKSCOIN cryptocurrency as a solution to overcome these problems. Find out more in this article on The Cryptonomist:

>> LKSCOIN: the cryptocurrency for online content creators

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