The irrefutable proof that is on the right track (dedicated to "trolls")

2019-10-18 10:33:35

Here's how external sources and authoritative tools support evolution. Will they wipe away some toxic thoughts?

This is the english translation of the article dated october 4th 2019 "La prova inconfutabile che è sulla strada giusta (dedicato ai "troll")" by LeoCascio #TheBrandMaker. Since it refers to 2 weeks ago, reported data might result not up to date. 


I could have seized the moment and posted this article when, a few days ago, reached the quota of 200 thousand registered users.But since I was "lagnuso" (in Sicilian "lazy") I'll do it only today. But this is not entirely bad: on the one hand, when exposed, it might lose some of its relevance. On the other hand it might instead gain substance. In any case, you will decide by yourself using the "support" button at the bottom of the article.--------As "Caboni", the Fantozzi (a very famous italian movie saga) colleague, would do with his big boss, with this article I'll be kissing the ring... has recently reached the fantastic goal of the 200 thousand members! Long live! Go!

I address this sickly slogan to you, dear "ill-mannered".

Yes, just a few days ago you wrote publicly that me and other founders would be "salaried" by to defend the platform with a sword. This sounds really fun, but if you or any of your followers ever seem real, better emphasize it: it really doesn't exist, period!

However it will surprise you what I am going to say:

I can understand!

Infact, to an "external eye" like yours (who are not a founder and who will never be since you decided not to honor your "quota" any more) it may be natural to suspect a "personal gain" in speaking well about, and that this makes you think that, after being totally uninterested in the webinar "ritual" (which although in a rather cumbersome way has explained the change of strategy of the last 30 days), this social might be something spooky.

You may have thought that talking well about it is to hide some kind of flaws.

So I want to break a lance for you because, on the other hand, all the "data" that so far have supported the " propaganda" have come from within, not from the outside. Including that orange counter that undauntly continues to mark the number of subscribers, at this time almost at 214 thousand. 

Who says that it's true? It will be fake! A lot of fake users! Ghosts! If you think so I disagree with you, of course. But I perfectly understand that it might feed your suspicion.

So let me tell you. If it has been a matter of "points of view" and subjective evaluations based on INTERNAL information coming from inside the platform, finally it won't longer be from today!

Here's what I did ...

You must know being a geek I retrieved EXTERNAL information from, therefore not coming from the official channel (which according to a truther thought can be seen as artificial or manipulated).

This information is coming from important and authoritative sources on the web.

Here are these independent sources (I hope you won't believe that these have been hired by Visintini - the CEO - & Co.). They provide important information - and confirmations - on the virtuous path the platform is walking on.  

Wikipedia & Facebook

Meanwhile, on the authoritative Wikipedia I found the list of the world's largest social networks, here is the link.

Do you know why is not present? Because no one has even bothered to report it (but I will, I finally found a good reason to take advantage of my account!).

It should be ranked though!

In fact, by ordering the list by number of users (you can do it yourself by clicking on the "registered users" link), thanks to its more than 213,000 users, it would already be in the middle of the table.

Surely you'll argue is far from giants such as Facebook and Twitter. Yes, but remember that those two were born in 2004 and 2006 in the opulent America, while barely in 2018 in a country (Italy) still in recession and where people put the fiber for the Champions League pirated streaming rather than starting an online business!

Besides, perhaps you don't know that the growth of those World big companies was not immediate at all.

For example, if you look at this graph, which describes the growth of Facebook users since its foundation, you will notice that for the first few years it was minimal and constant, and only after a few years it increased in intensity.

This thing is typical of all products and services (especially the innovative ones) and is called "business life cycle" (I just talked about it in the last lesson of my Personal Branding course).  

In other words, what typically happens is that at first few users use the platform (the so-called "early adopters"). But once the first phase is over, the social media in turn grows much faster. In terms of users, above all. And in the presence of a decent business model, obviously in terms of turnover as well.   

According to these data, the goal set by in last March (reaching around 2 million users by 2021) is not a haphazard figure at all... it's really credible!

If you think this is only "scribbling theory", that the writer is just "nothing but a lot of talk and a badge" (of the junior woodchuck club, of course), let me show you another thing now, even more interesting.


On "Alexa Ranking" (a professional tool for analyzing data owned by "Amazon" and which estimates very credibly the web world traffic), here's what comes out by typing, (click here, you can do it by yourself).

We are talking about public data that represent an estimate of the current and future situation of the knowledge platform.  

According to these data,, as of last October 4th 2019:

  • is ranked about 40 millionth among the most visited sites in the world (only yesterday it was at the 41millionth ... not bad!).
  • is ranked about the thousandth among the most visited sites in Italy (not bad!).
  • has grown in the last quarter of 114 thousand positions on the Alexa Rank!  

Making a "qualitative analysis", it also turns out that:

The engagement, or the ability to create and maintain relationships, is in constant and significant growth. Being more precise, in the last quarter there was a 30% growth in page views per visitor (average 2.3 pages), 62% of average time spent (almost 6 minutes each) and a bounce rate of 42% (which is already a good value) and above all down by 34%. 

Why in decline? It's a bad thing, you'll say! No sir! 

What is the "bounce rate" of a website?

A site's bounce rate is a value expressed as a percentage that represents the number of users who open the site, look at only one page, and then leave the site to other site.

It follows that the higher it is, the worse it is. So in the case of, having dropped by a third (and I underline a third!) it is a great news!

Moreover Alexa in the last section of the chart also refers to the first month post-founding phase. A strange phase, full of doubts and uncertainties because characterized by the current modification of web marketing strategies (which, as you know, have temporarily halted the growth in turnover). Despite this fact, there was a frightening growth though! Proven!  


What to tell you then, my dear "troll"? There would be a lot to say, but I want to summarize my thoughts in what is a glaring proof: is not growing only in quantitative terms (for example in terms of number of subscribers) but also qualitatively. And above all, it is not on the right track because the board says that (or some founder repeating that looking like a parrot), but because there are public data proving it. 

Of course, you will surely argue that is full of ghost users, who sign up and don't use the social media or even, after a short time, delete their accounts. There is no doubt that this phenomenon exists, but according to the considerations made a little while ago it is completely normal. I would say that this is a physiological status for a social network. 

Infact I remember that the undersigned signed up on Facebook in 2007 and wrote his first post in 2009, just a full 2 years later! I invite you to go to your Facebook wall, select the filter by date and take a trip through past time. If you signed up soon it is very likely that your account has been taking up dust for a long time.

If that chart wasn't enough to explain the phenomenon, I'll explain it through sociology. The choice to use a social network depends on many factors, but one above all is the most important: the presence (or not) of one's friends / relatives / colleagues.

So if it took you so long to start using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram continuosly, it's because your circle of contacts took as much time.


So... dear troll...

If you have other objections you are free to complain, God forbid.

But you'd better complain to Amazon, don't you think?

Despite everything, the people of will keep on loving you...