I support the social campaign for the ethical usage of Cam.tv #ISupportValue #IoSostengoIlValore

2019-11-20 13:11:31

This is what happens when the usual rascals abuse of this fantastic platform: those who bust their ass creating original content one day speak up... #ISupportValue #IoSostengoIlValore

This is the only article you are allowed to copy and paste, and share, on Cam.tv with no risk!

If you agree with the above, you are authorized and invited to download the cover image and the text you are reading and to upload them to your profile or Cam.tv channel!

Indeed! If you want, you can also pretend being the author, putting your signature in my place: in this case it will not matter to me.

But if you are an honest person as I hope you are, you will not be convinced to do that by earning a bunch of LKScoins from this post, but for the following reasons:

You've had enough of posts and articles on this wonderful platform that are repeatedly copied from the web (in good or bad faith makes no difference) and that are almost never reported and removed, remaining online for an indefinite time to the point of compromising the "value" of this knowledge platform.

You've enough of "fluff" content suggesting unethical earning techniques. Is it fair, for example, "exchanging likes" instead of rewarding what you really deserve or appreciate? Is it fair supporting companies (or their sponsors) seeing Cam.tv community as "a chicken coop to be plucked" and proposing phantom businesses that even a child would recognize to be what they really are: pyramid schemes ("scams")?

You've had enough of requests for help begging for donations (for example with the excuse "I need to empty my pig") or from those who run crowdfunding campaigns to take advantage of the good heart of the people. "True alms for basic necessities" is fair, there's no halm for that. But not for superfluous goods (for example founder positions, financing, etc.). Those things are financeable by banks or after attending a good course by Brunello (the Cam.tv crowdfunding expert). Charity is a very different thing...

If you've enough of those things like me (or even others that are no less ethical even if not listed), I am sure you'll spread the word...

My hope is that this message will reach those who think Cam.tv is a place without rules and to abuse of. May they reflect and change their attitude or... go elsewhere!

It is clear that the staff of this fantastic platform, due to the enormous amount of information continually loaded, cannot verify and ban all the contents infringing intellectual properties or other various unethical and sometimes illegal proposals.

So the idea is as follows: in the meantime that the new a.i. algorithm is out, let's make the community take care of the problem too!


  1. By reporting to the staff all the unfair situations.
  2. By committing yourself never to donate to copied or unethical content.

  3. Becoming the spokesperson for this little social campaign.

Do you care about Cam.tv's success?

So, do your part and remember: only community ethics and content quality can really decree Cam.tv success!


Campaign by the Cam.tv Private Founder Leo Cascio. Attention: this is an autonomous initiative not belonging to Cam.tv. If you agree with the spirit of this campaign, please copy and paste this article on your Cam.tv profile or channel and share it on other social networks with the hashtag #ISupportValue