I support the social campaign for the ethical usage of Cam.tv #ISupportValue #IoSostengoIlValore

2019-11-20 13:11:31

This is what happens when the usual rascals abuse of this fantastic platform: those who bust their ass creating original content one day speak up... #ISupportValue #IoSostengoIlValore

The irrefutable proof that Cam.tv is on the right track (dedicated to "trolls")

2019-10-18 10:33:35

Here's how external sources and authoritative tools support Cam.tv evolution. Will they wipe away some toxic thoughts?

If Facebook and Cam.tv were animals, the first would be a herd of elephants, the second a tiny mouse. The mouse is not a problem for the herd until the species face each other. Just like those companies which don't innovate in time. Will ever Facebook notice Cam.tv and think "you are my problem"? Who knows! What we know is just one thing: elephants don't eat mice, they run away from them. Picture by: Leah Millis / Reuters.

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