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Win prizes paid in NFT over 1,400,000 registered people

2022-05-23 18:53:20

Win prizes paid in NFT over 1,400,000 registered people

Sign up for free you need an email, then go to your mail ( check also in Spam) and confirm the registration, receive another email with the Dashboard button.

Enter and find now your link to do Sharing , over 1,400,000 people registered.

How does it work?

1- Invite friends, unlock rewards

Earn fractional NFT and BTC lottery steps when referring friends using the unique referral link.

2- Move the waiting list up

Jump to the middle of the list for each friend you invite. For example, if you are in a queue with 100,000 people and invite a friend, you will go up by 50,000 points!

3- Request prizes at launch

You can collect rewards directly in Slingshot when you exit the waiting list and download the mobile app.

Besides this it is built for Web3.

Connect your wallet, start trading. Stay private and keep control over your assets.

Real-time data, view real-time price charts and trade logs for each token.

Explore and trade on thousands of cryptocurrencies

From WETH, MATIC, MKR, GNS, CAKE, LYRA, ETH,BTC there are over 7,500+ Tokens available for trade at the best prices and the lowest rates.