Euro Coins Collection

My way to keep it better

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Euro Coins Collection

My way to keep it better

Euro Coins Collection on CamTv

The way to collect euro coins with as little space as possible. How? Follow this page and downloads my Euro coins database.

Euro coins started to circulate in the early 2000s in some EU countries. Today the Euro area is getting bigger and bigger, bringing more coins into our collection. Each member country has its own set of coins and also annually issues commemorative 2 euro coins, which are very attractive to collectors.

If you are one of these collectors you will know that the neatest way to keep your coins is to use coin envelopes in a binder. Using apps allows you to take your collection with you wherever you go, and some even help you understand its value.

However, there are some difficulties in collecting and keeping this collection in order, i will explain them briefly and give you some advice:

— For the divisional sets I opted by placing the coins in order by year of issue. This allows me to add new series coins to the queue (change the reverse side of the coin). I use 4x5 envelopes, combining the copper coins in the same compartment and the 10 and 20 cent coins in another one. In every envelope i have 4 sets. (You can see the order on my file which you can buy a little further down for a few euros).

— For the 2 euro commemoratives, the problem is space. Keeping the collection sorted by year or state creates gaps. So I opted to mix them all in the 5x6 envelopes and mark the position of the coins on the file, so as to always know where they are.

With my file you will have complete control of your collection and the value of it. It will be continuously updated to include the coins description links that will be placed here on CamTv for those who will be part of the Membership Area. At the end of the year, the 2 euros of the past year will be inserted.

What are you waiting for? Click to buy the file, create a copy in your Drive and start inserting your coins. A quick start guide for using the file is included.

While doing this file, I noticed that it is not easy to find the list of 2 euro commemorative coins. Here it is the one stipulated for you, ready to be copied and pasted. This too will be updated at the end of the year.

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