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Thematic channel (website)

Thematic channel (website)

Create your thematic channel to share your business, your skills and your interests. It will be visible both inside and outside Cam.TV.


Blog with articles, audio and video

You can create a real personal blog to share posts, articles, audio and video, visible both inside and outside Cam.TV.

GDPR, privacy and cookies

GDPR, privacy and cookies

Cam.TV saves you from annoying legal burdens and complies with all current regulations to offer maximum reliability and professionalism.

Super SEO

Super SEO Indexing

The content you publish on Cam.TV has an excellent ranking on search engines thanks to the ranking of the entire platform and its super fast web pages.

Customisable Web Pages

Auto Lead Generation System

Our Konrad algorithm works for you to help you find people who are genuinely interested in your product or service.

Dai e ricevi donazioni|%}

Make and receive donations

You can give and receive support for the content published on the platform thanks to the Likes which are real cash donations.

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Do you have any questions? Please read the FAQ below.

What do you mean by Super SEO?

Each site and each publication on the web gets a certain ranking within the search engine results. The content published on Cam.TV are structured to be rewarded with an excellent positioning. Consequently, those who publish on Cam.TV can take advantage of the ranking of the entire platform and its super-fast web pages and thus obtain a “super-indexing” for their content.

What do you mean by the Auto Lead Generation System?

Any content you publish on Cam.TV is visible and usable even outside the platform. Furthermore, users who view your content are automatically invited to subscribe to your blog by our artificial intelligence Konrad, thus transforming them into members of your community of Followers and your affiliates.

What do I post on my thematic channel?

Once you have created your thematic channel, you can customise it by sharing content with images, texts and videos, as if it were your own blog.

Each thematic channel is designed to be dedicated to a single topic. A Camer who is, for example, a competitive racing enthusiast, will be able to dedicate his thematic channel to athletic training, nutrition for runners, supplements, and so on by creating articles and videos about this specific topic.

Cam.TV aims to share valuable content and connect experts, professionals and enthusiasts with people who are looking for solutions to their problems. For this reason, what you publish within your thematic channel must always express your passion or expertise as much as possible in order to expand your community.

Is this a free service or do I have to pay something at some point?

You can create your thematic channel for free forever and it will remain yours as long as you wish. You will be able to create your community of followers and use the tools at your disposal to engage them and possibly get support with likes that are worth money for your content.

Will my content also be visible outside Cam.TV?

Yes, absolutely: any content you publish on Cam.TV is indexed in search engines with our Super SEO and is fully visible and usable even without logging into the platform. In addition, anyone who views your content is invited to subscribe to your blog by Konrad, our artificial intelligence, and if they do, they immediately become members of your following community and your affiliates.

How do I receive donations?

In Cam.TV it is possible to receive free donations from other Camers directly on the published content and on their own thematic channel. These donations give users the opportunity to support and reward the activity of a Creator. If what you post is valuable and appreciated by your followers, you will increase your chance of receiving donations.

Who helps me in using the platform?

Each user has access to mini-guides and sections dedicated to solving the most frequently asked questions. You can also get support in Italian from our Customer Care. We have a dedicated channel for Creators: Cam.TV Creators. Within this channel you will find guides, tips and insights designed to help you create valuable content to publish on your thematic channel. Don’t forget to add it to your Followers!

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